Our goal is for you to have a successful rental home property management experience.


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  • An Extraordinary track record already exists Over 30 years of no eviction, damage, late payments or attorney fees for our clients in the guarantee plans. No other management companies have been willing to offer such wide meaningful coverage.
  • Expect us to care about you, your property and the success of your rental home.
  • Expect a thorough property evaluation initially to help you maximize your homes rent.
  • Tenant applications will be  screened systematically and methodically to improve your success.
  • Expect professional knowledge and timely feedback to minimize legal issues and keep you well informed.
  • Timely rent collection will occur and when a problem arises we will get involved immediately to help determine the best solution.
  • Security deposits will be handled properly so that deposits are used according to California law and that both the tenant and owner will receive proper treatment.
  • Receive  the most updated timely computer generated reports to keep you knowledgeable about income and expenses on your property.
  • Property inspections will be done periodically and in between tenants to look for problems, damage, and potential liabilities.
  • Reputable, reasonably priced service people will be called when repair work is needed.
  • Expect to be treated well. If you are dissatisfied in the first 90 days you may easily cancel.



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